Community Policy

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Stanton Bonna supplies its products nationwide and is a subsidiary company of an International group, but recognises it is also part of a local community.

We aim to make a positive contribution to our local community through employment, and the use of local enterprises and through direct support and engagement.

This policy is reviewed periodically by the chief executive who is responsible for its implementation.


We will consider the impact of our activities and the decisions we make on the local community and consult when appropriate.

We will take active measures to mitigate potential adverse impacts for example the effect of transport, noise and emissions to atmosphere.

We will manage complaints regarding impacts in accordance with company’s environmental management system in a timely manner.

Through the governments cycle to work scheme we will promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy mode of transport.

Local Economy

The majority of company’s workforce live locally and have worked for the company for many years.

We will use local networks to advertise employment vacancies whilst maintaining equal opportunities for employment.

The company undertakes a significant proportion of its procurement locally and has established relationships with many local businesses.

We will consider haulage distance in procurement decisions, particularly those for raw materials.

Through our membership of the local enterprise partnership, the company, along with other organisations, will help promote local businesses and the local economy.

On a national level Stanton Bonna will continue to play an active part in trade associations including British Precast and the Pipe-Jacking Association, supporting development and best practice across the industry.


We will communicate particularly with local stakeholders and inform them of developments in our business as appropriate. Clear contact details shall be made available.

Local media organisations will be supplied with press releases on news item of interest.

We will engage with our neighbours so as to facilitate opportunities for them to contact us and provide factory visits for interested local representatives and groups.

Supporting the Community

In addition to contributing to the local community through business activity we will support in other ways.

Our Health and Safety near miss hazard alert scheme will contribute an annual cash donation to a local charity, chosen by the Health and Safety committee.

We will make appropriate ad hoc charitable donations including supporting the fund raising efforts of our employees and those of customers and suppliers. We will prioritize those of a local nature.

We will offer work experience placements for local school children and undergraduate student placements for longer periods.