Sustainability Policy


Construction Products Certification ISO 14001 (logos)bsi (logo graphic)Stanton Bonna is committed to conduct its activities in a manner that is sustainable, for itself as a continuing business, for the community with which it interacts, for planet earth and for future generations.

Our sustainability policy is framed by our vision, mission and values and will be communicated to all stakeholders.

We are committed to providing our customers with products and services that add value to their activities and meet their and society’s needs. But we will meet these objectives in a manner that supports our sustainability commitment.

Our sustainability principles will serve as a foundation for all areas of our business and we will continuously improve our performance and set measurable objectives and targets which shall be reviewed at appropriate intervals.


We place the health, safety and wellbeing of all persons as our main priority. We will operate within a culture based on the principle that nothing we do is worth injury or harm of any kind to any person. We will maintain management systems to effectively control risks to health and safety.


Our processes and activities will be organised so as to enable us to supply our customers with products and services that meet their needs. Our management controls will include robust procedures to ensure compliance of our products with appropriate standards and customer specifications. We will operate a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and maintain third party certification by a UKAS accredited inspection body.


We will carry out our operations in ways that avoid any adverse impact on the environment. We will manage our activities to minimise the risk of pollution, ensure that the waste we produce is minimal and disposed of responsibly. We will make careful and responsible use of natural resources and use recycled materials where possible. To ensure good environmental stewardship, we will conduct our activities under an environmental management system complying with ISO 14001 and maintain third party certification by a UKAS accredited inspection body.


We will conduct our activities in an honourable and morally correct manner. We will be transparent, honest and fair in the management of our operations, in our management of human resources and in our dealings with customers and suppliers. We will ensure equal opportunities and respect for all persons without prejudice or discrimination and will operate within the law.


We will engage positively with the local community on matters of mutual interest and will consider potential impacts in our decision making. We will support local businesses directly, through the use of their goods and services and through our membership of local employer groups and associations. We will support local charities through our annual Safety Award Scheme and other initiatives. Through our prosperity and growth we will provide employment and training for local people and support our employees with training and development.


Our procurement activities shall incorporate our sustainability objectives. We will support the sustainability goals of the construction sector and will manage our procurement in accordance with the Framework for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products, BES 6001. We are working towards achieving third party certification to this standard by an accredited inspection body.

The sustainability objectives contained in the policy are underpinned by our interdependent policies for Health and Safety, Quality, Environment, Ethics, Community and Responsible Sourcing.

Published: April 2013
Updated: September 2015