Attenuation Tanks

Precast concrete attenuation systems provide the ideal solution for gravity storm water attenuation in line with current SuDS guidelines.

Stanton Bonna offer a comprehensive range of circular, elliptical and rectangular tanks tailored to specific site requirements.

Our Attenuation Systems can be manufactured with a variety of fittings including blank ends, access points, manifold pipes and flow control units together with headwalls enabling discharge into ponds or swales.

Stanton Bonna will also provide assistance with the design, specification and installation of attenuation tanks.

Elliptical pipes can be designed for both horizontal or vertical installation and are especially useful where the space and cover depths are limited and in areas which are subject to vehicular trafficking.

A Circular Attenuation Tank with cast in side entry manhole

Key Information about Attenuation Tanks

  • Assistance available for tank design, specification and installation
  • Choice of square, rectangular or circular access holes
  • Option to include flow control units within the tank design
  • Factory fitted blank ends with cast in connections or box outs as required
  • Pipes and fittings are to client requirements incorporating products compliant with BS EN 1916, BS EN 1917 and BS EN 5911-1
  • Can be used in low cover applications with highway wheel loadings
  • Precast concrete products are extremely durable and resistant to impact damage
  • Integrated captive elastometric gasket joints permit fast installation
  • Self weight contributes to floatation resistance
  • A low maintenance and proven solution