Precast concrete Catchpits provide a quick, economic alternative to cast in situ manhole bases. The offsite manufacture also ensures installation is quicker and safer.

The strength and durability of precast concrete helps reduce the amount of preparation and bedding required.

Stanton Bonna have invested in a state-of-the art drilling machine with rotation plate specifically to serve as a rapid hole cutter for Catchpits and manhole rings and can provide the inlet/outlet profiles required for your project.


  • Safer as eliminates time in confined spaces.
  • Quick turnaround from order to delivery.
  • Cost effective solution with faster installation.
  • Project specific inlets/outlets provided by the rapid hole cutter.
  • Based on the Highways Agency Drawing F11.
  • Conforms to BS 5911-3 & BS EN 1917.

Stanton Bonna Catchpits are available in sizes DN900 to DN1500 and may be fitted with steps in the DN1050 to DN1500.

These versatile catchpits can accommodate precast concrete, clay and plastic pipes which may be jointed with sand and cement mortar or a bituminous joint seal is available on request.

Catchpit Drilled with integrated gaskets (supplied on request).

Catchpit Data

The construction of the Catchpit consists of a cast in reinforced base, drilled standard manhole unit(s), a cover slab and adjusting units. The metal work cover is supplied by others. An example is shown opposite >

The final configuration of the Catchpit will depend on the number and size of openings required and any additional features.

Catchpits can accommodate a sump of 300mm or 450mm.

The design of the Catchpit is based on the Highways Agency Drawing F11. As shown in drawing opposite >

All Catchpits are fitted with lifting holes as detailed in the table bottom right.

All components conform to BS 5911-3 & BS EN 1917.

Catchpit (mm)Max.
pipe (mm)
StepsLifting holesMax. ring weight (kg)
900225n2 x 40mm Ø885
1050450y2 x 40mm Ø1170
1200450y2 x 40mm Ø1512
1350525y2 x 40mm Ø1811
1500600y2 x 40mm Ø2173