Side Entry Manholes

Investing in a side entry manhole offers a safer, faster and more cost effective method of providing man entry into pipelines of DN1200 – 2400.

Instead of installing a traditional large diameter manhole to provide man entry, side entry manholes can be installed directly into the pipeline which offers the following key benefits:


  • Reduced work in open excavation.
  • Eliminates wet trades work.


  • Can be installed in the pipeline trench with same bedding.
  • Eliminates need for a large diameter manhole base, rings, slabs, excavation and associated costs.
  • Factory made units ensure quality and reduces on site labour time.

Cost Effective

  • Reduces excavation, trench protection, muck away, imported backfill, vehicle movements and plant.
  • Reduces materials, labour and plant costs as the large diameter manhole construction is eliminated.
  • Side entry manholes are bespoke to each project and can be supplied complete with end walls, with or without steps and with inlet/outlet connection points.
  • Surrounded in-situ concrete.
DN 2400 Side Entry Manhole with dry weather flow channel and end wall
Side Entry Manhole in Elliptical Pipe

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