Elliptical Concrete Pipes

Box culverts alternative, the Stanton Bonna Elliptical concrete pipe, offers significant advantages including superior hydraulic performance and a fully watertight elastomeric captive gasket joint. In addition, most sizes of standard elliptical pipes are held as stock items, helping to minimise delivery and installation times.

The pipe’s elliptical internal profile is hydraulically efficient and the external polygonal profile is structurally efficient. Together they provide a unique and highly cost-effective reinforced concrete drainage product. They are used for foul and surface water drainage applications, stream diversions, culverting and attenuation storage tanks.

This product design is unique to Stanton Bonna in the UK but competitively priced to reinforce it as an attractive option to specifiers and contractors.

This system offers significant advantages over others, particularly box culverts, by providing

Specifier Benefits

  • Free design consultation available.
  • Pipes can be designed to withstand full highway loadings.
  • Where loadings permit, minimum cover depths of 200mm may be accommodated.
  • In situ secondary inverting is not required for dry weather flows.
  • Where pipes are laid in either the vertical or horizontal plane, the elliptical profile permits self cleansing velocities at low flow rates. Consequently the risk of siltation is reduced compared to the equivalent box culvert.
  • Improved flow rates mean pipes can be laid at shallower gradients thereby reducing trench excavation costs.
  • Where ground levels and invert levels only permit minimal cover, pipes can be laid in the horizontal plane and still provide an excellent hydraulic capacity.
  • Compaction of backfill is required only to prevent surface settlement, therefore special backfill materials are rarely required.

Contractor Benefits

  • Pipes have a high performance elastomeric captive gasket for quick easy jointing and a fully watertight joint.
  • Pipes are 2.4m long, therefore fewer joints are required than with box culverts.
  • Installation costs are further reduced since joints do not require priming or sealing with a separate sealing compound.
  • An in-wall joint and flat polygonal sides enable pipes to be laid on a flat bed without socket holes.
  • Optional cast in lifting anchors enable safe and rapid handling.
  • On-site installation training available.

Client list includes:

  • Twickenham Stadium.
  • Rolls Royce.
  • Baglan Energy Park.
  • Thames Water.
  • Crossrail.
Vertical installation with bend
Horizontal installation under gas main and road


A range of elliptical fittings can be manufactured to order including junctions, precast manhole access shafts, end walls and chambers.

Elliptical Pipe with Manhole Access

Quality & Specification

Elliptical pipes are manufactured using modern computerised concrete batching equipment to achieve consistently high quality products with sharply defined joint profiles.

Elliptical pipes are supplied under a Quality System complying with ISO 9001 and the relevant parts of BS 5911-1 Precast concrete pipes, fittings and ancillary products.

Scheme Design

Stanton Bonna offer advice at all stages of scheme design and installation. When specifying and installing elliptical pipes please refer to the Technical Guides listed at the bottom of the page.

Elliptical Pipes Data

‘L x H’
‘A x B’
End Face LengthsEff. LengthApprox Product WeightFull Flow Cross Section Area
x 650
x 900
x 750
x 1000
x 1000
x 1280
x 1150
x 1470
x 1350
x 1710
x 1500
x 1900

All dimensions and weights are approximate, customers should ensure that lifting and jointing equipment has sufficient capacity to allow for variations.

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