Highway slot drains from Stanton Bonna include two systems:

These heavy duty, high capacity surface water drainage systems are designed to resolve the problem of standing water in trafficked areas. Installation is rapid and economical with no concrete surround required.

CE (icon symbol)Benefits include:

    • Excellent flow rates
    • Low maintenance
    • Modular system
    • Economical
    • No concrete surround required
    • Elastomeric gasket
  • Designed to EN 1433 and CE Marked

The innovative designs provide excellent flow rates even at zero or shallow gradients. The design also assists self cleaning of sludge and debris.

The elastomeric gasket enables quicker installation and ensures these product are effective in its rapid dispersal of surface water.

Each section has a socket and spigot end to provide correct joining and alignment.

The external shape provides a structurally efficient, robust product.

Rodding access and additional connections can be provided on request.

Junction box sump unit also available in all sizes.

Slot Drain (diagram)

Slot Drain Data

Diameter (A)Height (B)Width
(C, D)
Effective LengthWeight
300560520, 50023701180
400660620, 60023701545
500780750, 73023702195
600890850, 83023702611

NB: Each section contains 3 slots. Standard slot diameter is 30mm x 520mm. DN400 is also available with 19mm x 520mm slots.

Slot Drain installation on M3
Slot Drain with grated access used for rodding and drainage


Slot Drains provide an easy, rapid installation that often achieves over 100 metres per day.

1 Excavate earth, level bottom, add compactable aggregate and level.

2 Place Slot Drains in position. Always place downstream to upstream. The spigot must primarily be inserted into socket of the previous Slot Drain. Clean and remove any debris. Level as needed.

3 Backfill excavated earth and compact.Slot Drain Installation (diagram)

This product offers ease of installation and cost saving. On roads it replaces kerb drain systems and can be connected into road catchpits, gullies or manholes.

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