The SUPER GULLY has been developed as an effective, low maintenance, high capacity road gully for kerbside stormwater management. It rapidly removes water from highways prone to flooding.

SUPER GULLY was created to help overcome common issues with highway flooding including:

  • Flooding at low lying areas
  • Lack of regular highways maintenance
  • Failure of carrier pipes to cope with extreme rainfall conditions
  • No real alternative to road gullies

Surrey County Council (logo)The development of SUPER GULLY has been a collaborative project between Surrey County Council highways engineers, our technical team and PAM Saint Gobain.

This group of experts helped provide valuable knowledge and experience while using the latest technology, including 3D drawings, to produce the first prototype. After a series of tests the result is now an innovative system that provides an effective solution to key highway rainwater management problems.

SUPER GULLY is an ideal system for use on new developments working with carrier pipes as part of the stormwater system.

In troublesome areas, the SUPER GULLY can be installed in groups – initial units designed to take the silt and sediment and further units designed to take the water. Ask us for further details.

Units are now modular in sections weighing less that 1 tonne for easier handling.

The Stanton Bonna SUPER GULLY can be installed within the kerb line or just within the road channel to provide surface water drainage for many areas including:

  • Roads and motorways
  • Railways
  • Car parks and Park & Ride
  • House building
  • Airports and runways
  • Industrial estates
  • Bus stations
  • Distribution yards and loading docks

SUPERGULLY key benefits include:

  • Offsite manufacture
  • Quick installation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • High capacity
  • Rapid removal of rainwater

**available up to 720mm to suit

Each standard section is 2500mm in effective length and contains 7 slots with a size of 40mm x 130mm to comply with standards for highways. 1000mm lengths are also available.

Further sizes may be available on request dependent on scheme requirements.

Flooding at Belmont roundabout, A217 Brighton Road, before installation
Installing the high capacity SUPERGULLY in a small country lane
Completed within kerb line and ground level surface

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