Specification & Quality Assurance

All pipes and fittings are designed and manufactured to BS EN 639 and BS EN 641 and manufactured in accordance with a Third Party Certified Quality System complying with BS EN ISO 9001.

Standard Pipe Design

Pipes consist of three primary components:

  • A watertight steel cylinder core with end rings to suit various joint types.
  • An internal protective concrete lining.
  • An external, load bearing, reinforced concrete protective coating.

Some schemes have been supplied up to 24Bar pressure.


  • Fittings of any configuration can be produced to suit the specific needs of each project.
  • Fittings are coated internally and externally with reinforced concrete for durability and load bearing strength.
  • Fittings include bends, tees, reducers, short length pipes, diffuser units, flanged adaptors, closure units and settlement compensator systems.
DN 3000 Y-Piece Reducing Unit

SL Welded Joint

Standard Joint Types

LL Welded Lap Joint (for closure)

ER Joint

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