Precast Concrete Noise Barriers provide a proven, highly effective, attractive barrier solution to any road or rail side environment.

CONSOLIS offers a wide range of anti-noise acoustic panels with clever design that results in sound reflected, diffracted and absorbed.

Noise Barrier reflection

Key benefits include:

  • High sound absorption capabilities.
  • High sound reflective capabilities.
  • Aesthetic finishes.
  • High-quality material.
  • Reinforced panels and parapets.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Modular installation.
  • Repairable on site.
  • CSTB Test Report.
  • In accordance with norms EN ISO 354 (2004), EN 1793-1 (1997) and EN 1793-3 (1997).

A significant quantity of Precast Concrete Noise Barriers are currently being installed on the Southern Europe-Atlantic High Speed Line (HSL) in France.

Side 1 – Visible Panels

  • Impressive aesthetic finish.
  • Designed to blend in with the local landscape eg. stone walls, clapboard cladding, plants etc.
  • Beams are lined up and hardly visible.

Side 2 – Trackside Panels

    • Made with innovative Ribbed Wood Concrete.
    • Both the material and its layout help absorb sound – sound absorption performance class: A4.
    • Each panel comprises of two layers:

a) The load-bearing section: a layer of reinforced concrete with light grey cement.
b) The noise mitigation section: a layer of sound-absorbing concrete (core and patterned).

Noise reducing coping also available.

Our expert team can work with you on your specific project needs.

Noise Barriers along a bridge
Examples of Design Finishes
Noise Absorbing Ribbed Concrete
Innovative Wood Concrete