Perforated drainage troughs are a precast concrete system providing an excellent trackside or roadside drainage solution.

  • Traditionally used where the risk of siltation from run off is medium to high and a high hydraulic capacity is required.
  • Much easier than perforated pipes to inspect and maintain – simply lift the cover.
  • A modular system comprising of trough and riser units of varying heights that are selected to match the individual site requirements.
  • Applications include ballasted track, slab track and tunnel installations.
  • Can be installed with a geotextile filter membrane if required.
  • Can be used for track bed protection / sealing applications.
  • Suitable for pedestrian loading only.
  • Advice on both the handling and installation of perforated drainage troughs can be found on our website.
  • Please contact us to discuss your specific project requirements.

Client List includes:

  • Channel Tunnel Rail Link (High Speed 1).
  • Network Rail ( Certificate of Acceptance PA05/01611).
Installation on High Speed 1 for track bed sealing
Modular components permit rapid installation
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Perforated Drainage Troughs Data

W x H
Cover AV555 x 700.5041
Riser H 37430 x 3701.0174
Riser H 58430 x 5801.0275
Trough M40-15430 x 3301.0226
Trough M50-25430 x 4201.0271
Trough M60-15430 x 5301.0316
Trough M70-25430 x 6301.0411
Trough M80-15430 x 7301.0461
System M32-12 Cover280 x 501.031
System M32-12 Riser200 x 2461.081
System M32-12 Trough210 x 2601.0100

Narrow Perforated Drainage Troughs Data

W x H
Cover N320 x 700.7533
Riser H20322 x 2000.7555
Riser H25320 x 2500.7565
Trough H37320 x 2500.75159
Trough H65225 x 6500.75196
Trough H73225 x 7300.75198
Trough H81215 x 8100.75252
Trough H86215 x 8600.75262
Trough H91220 x 9100.75277
Trough H96220 x 9600.75288
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