Slab track products (including noise and vibration mitigation products)

Concrete sleepers for incorporation into an in-situ concrete slab using ‘top down’ construction techniques are available in various forms:

Shallow Depth Slab Track Sleepers

  • Shallow depth twin block sleepers with modern elastic rail fastenings offer a simple and cost effective method of constructing slab track in depots and in urban environments for street running, pedestrian and grass track applications.
  • The incorporation of the tie bar and leveling inserts greatly assists with track alignment prior to second stage concreting.
  • Available for embedded and non-embedded rail, on street or green track.

Baseplate Sleepers

  • Sleepers fitted with traditional resilient baseplates can be pre-assembled in the factory and delivered direct to site.
  • They are used for tracks with specific performance requirements over and above those provided by a standard elastic fastening for example – height adjustment, higher loads / speeds, noise and vibration mitigation.
  • Sleepers can be provided to suit many conventional base plate designs.

SAT S312 Sleepers and Bearers

  • This reinforced twinblock sleeper provides various levels of vibration mitigation performance (5db – 15db).
  • A complete, cost effective installation and maintenance solution.
  • Can be adapted to any type of sleeper: twinblock, monoblock or bearers, and any type of fastening.
  • Suitable for high speed, mainline and urban lines.
  • Installed on HS1 and Crossrail.

High Attenuation Sleeper (HAS)

    • This prestressed monoblock sleeper provides an extremely high level of vibration mitigation performance (> 20db).
    • A cost effective alternative to Floating Slab Track as it provides the same level of performance but can be installed up to ten times faster!
    • This innovative sleeper is the result of extensive research and testing at the SNCF Track Research Centre (patent Sateba/Alstom).
    • Suitable for high speed, mainline and urban lines.
    • Installed on the Crossrail project.

Ladder Track

Precast concrete ladder track provides a cost effective and robust method of constructing slab track. It can be manufactured in both straight and curved sections in 6m lengths complete with fastenings. Also available for grass track.

Shallow Depth Sleepers
Baseplate Sleepers
SAT S312 Bearers
High Attenuation Sleepers (HAS)
Ladder Track