Noise and vibration reduction sleepers consist of a concrete sleeper with a traditional elastic fastening mounted within a rigid plastic hull.

The system incorporates a resilient pad offering a second level of elasticity under the sleeper block.

Sleepers can be ‘tuned’ to the specific performance requirements of the project and are available in either twin block, monoblock or switches and crossing bearer configurations.

SBC Rail Ltd are currently supplying innovative vibration mitigation track solutions to Crossrail.

Around 63,000 Twin Block Booted Sleepers (S312) and 4,500 High Attenuation Sleepers (HAS) have been designed in close collaboration with Consolis Group sister companies Stanton Bonna and Sateba.

The sleepers are primarily designed to attenuate noise and vibration whilst generating savings on both the track construction costs and programme.

The HAS is the result of a 10 year investment programme between Sateba and Alstom to develop a cost effective alternative to traditional floating slab track.

Watch the Crossraill video to see the installation method being used for sleepers and track – Crossrail Railway Systems: First permanent tracks laid in the Crossrail tunnels.

SAT S312 Sleepers and Bearers

  • This reinforced twinblock sleeper provides various levels of vibration mitigation performance (5db – 15db).
  • A complete, cost effective installation and maintenance solution.
  • Can be adapted to any type of sleeper: twinblock, monoblock or bearers, and any type of fastening.
  • Suitable for high speed, mainline and urban lines.
  • Installed on High Speed 1 (CTRL) and Crossrail.
  • Approved by Network Rail with Certificate of Acceptance PA05/06822.

High Attenuation Sleeper (HAS)

  • This prestressed monoblock sleeper provides an extremely high level of vibration mitigation performance (> 20db).
  • A cost effective alternative to Floating Slab Track as it provides the same level of performance but can be installed up to ten times faster!
  • This innovative sleeper is the result of extensive research and testing at the SNCF Track Research Centre (patent Sateba/Alstom).
  • Suitable for high speed, mainline and urban lines.
  • Installed on the Crossrail project.
Installation of Twin Block Booted Sleepers at Plumstead
HAS supplied at Crossrail Project

Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme - Verified