Drainage Products

Click here to go to the Soakaway Rings Data table, where you will find details of how many holes are in the different size rings available.

Manhole Chamber Rings are available in:

  • 1000mm section depths with 4 steps
  • 750mm section depths with 3 steps
  • 500mm section depths with 2 steps
  • 250mm section depths with 1 step

All sections can also be supplied without steps.

Click here to go to Manhole Jointing Compound table, where you will find details of how much you need depending on the size of Chamber Ring used.

The watertight manhole system is now covered by Sewers for Adoption and should therefore be accepted by all water authorities. Prior to its inclusion company’s obtained letters from the authorities approving the system for use. These have been superseded by inclusion in SfA.

Such certification is relevant to novel and new products where there is no established experience of its use. As the watertight system is included in SfA and component parts are kitemarked there is no need for BBA certification.

We recommend 1-2 tubs of our lubricant per load of pipes.


Call 0115 9441448 and the team will assess your order for you.

Deliveries are punctual to meet either short or long lead time, from our central UK location.
Discuss delivery schedules with our team, call 0115 944 1448.

Hauliers can be given an approximate delivery period for am or pm delivery but only in certain circumstances so please call our team to discuss 0115 944 1448.

Split deliveries are available for an additional charge. Please call our team to discuss 0115 944 1448.

We can offer edge protection dependent upon the products required. We also have measures available to avoid working at height. Please call us on 0115 944 1448 to discuss.

The maximum height is 2.25m, for example 3 no. 750mm deep sections or 2 no. 1000mm sections with 1 no. 250mm on top.

Stanton Bonna take Health and Safety seriously and have looked into the issue of working at height when offloading our products.

As a result, a variety of equipment is available so that many of our products can be safely off-loaded without personnel having to climb onto the trailer.

Our innovative solutions include:

  • Stanton Bonna T2-i-A PIPE LIFTER for DN300 to DN750 concrete pipes and fittings
  • Stanton Bonna T4-80-A PIPE LIFTER for DN375 to DN1200 concrete pipes and fittings – already adopted as best practice by Carillion.
  • Stanton Bonna T8-90-A PIPE LIFTER for DN600 to DN1800 concrete pipes and fittings
  • Stanton Bonna T12-100-A PIPE LIFTER for DN675 to DN2400 concrete pipes and fittings.
  • The MANHOLE GRAB RK1 for DN900 to 1500 manholes and RK2 for DN1500 to 2400 manholes including the Watertight Manhole Ring. Find out more
  • The PIPE PUSHER for jointing DN900 to 1500 pipes. Eliminates manual handling associated with jointing, speeds up the process with more control over line and level by excavator driver. Watch the video
  • The GULLY GRAB for offloading
  • The GULLY HOOK for transporting across site and installation

In addition, single use slings, lifting chains and eye bolts can be supplied for safer product handling.

Read more about the Stanton Bonna Pipe Lifter range

Many other offloading systems are available from hire companies. Contact us to see which are most appropriate for your delivery.

Contractors should also read the BPDA Health & Safety Guide for Offloading

We are constantly reviewing our product handling options, call 0115 944 1448 for further details.


Yes you can but please ensure you read the Arrangements for Customer Collections document before you proceed – click here to view

Discuss delivery schedules with our team, call 0115 944 1448.

Support on Site

Call us on 0115 944 1448 and we will arrange a visit by our Site Support Technician (subject to circumstance).

Our Technical Team may be able to assist over the phone and there is additional advice available on this website in the Technical Guides and Video sections.


There continues to be much confusion and inaccuracy within the construction industry over the carbon footprint of materials, especially concrete. As members of the Concrete Pipeline Systems Association (CPSA), Stanton Bonna are very proud to have participated in the CPSA/Carbon Clear study into the embodied carbon of concrete and plastic pipelines.

This exacting study was conducted to widely recognised international standards and proved that the cradle-to-site greenhouse gas emissions of concrete pipes are generally better than plastic with up to 35% lower CO2e for DN 2100 pipes. It also showed DN 1200 circular precast manhole systems have a 30 to 43% lower carbon footprint compared to DN 1200 traditional manholes, 1250 x 1250mm box based manholes and DN 1050 plastic manholes.

Click here for a summary of the study

Click here for more detailed reports which can be found on the CPSA website

Our Sustainability Policy is available in the Values section of this website.
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Stanton Bonna are also proud members of the British Precast Charter Scheme which sets industry targets for Health and Safety and Sustainability. Find out more