The Gully Grab was developed out of a need to offload Gullies safely and quickly on a construction site.

Together with the Gully Hook they provide a complete handling solution to offloading and moving Gullies which ensures no manual handling or working at height during offload.

Gully Grab key features:

  • Can be attached to an excavator, backactor, or crane.
  • Two setting points: one for DN375mm and one for DN450mm gullies.
  • Three points of contact provide a secure hold on the product.
  • Lifts all heights including 1200mm.
  • Safe Working Load of the Gully Grab is 350Kgs.
  • Conforms to relevant EC directives for safety of machinery and CE marked accordingly.

This handy solution has been designed to fit snugly on the gully and will readily accommodate the spout.

Gullies are manufactured and for stability reasons dispatch upside-down, the Gully Grab take advantage of this and with its three points of contact self-centres on the gully barrel.

Using the Gully Grab means there is no reason for a man on the trailer whist offloading and can turn offloading in to a one man operation.

With only two setting position it is simple and safe to use and will not damage the units especially the vulnerable gasket.

Once off-loaded the gullies can simply be pushed over on some soft ground and then lifted with the Gully Hook ready for installation.


The Gully Grab was a design collaboration between Probst and Stanton Bonna Concrete.

The robust design means it can easily live with site handling and conditions. It also offers a safer solution for lifting and handling gullies than most traditional methods.

The Gully Grab was designed and is the intellectual property of one of Europe’s leading precast concrete producers and is manufactured by one of Europe’s leading lifting equipment manufactures.

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After offloading with the Gully Grab use the Gully Hook to transport around the site

Contractors should also read the CPSA Health & Safety Guide for Offloading