Pipe Pushers

The AWARD WINNING Pipe Pusher B was developed to ensure Safer Jointing of a pipeline during installation but also has the added benefit of making it Quicker and Easier too.

There are now three sizes available in the Pipe Pusher family:

  • Pipe Pusher A horizontal for installation of 1600mm to 2400mm diameter pipes
  • Pipe Pusher B horizontal for installation of 900mm to 1500mm diameter pipes
  • Pipe Pusher C vertical for installation of 300mm to 900mm diameter pipes

Key features of the Stanton Bonna Pipe Pushers include:

  • Eliminates manual handling of heavy timber buffers
  • Reduces risk of accidents
  • Reduces time in trench
  • Easy quick hitch system
  • Faster installation
  • Tighter and more controllable joint gaps
  • Can use the full force of the excavator without fear of something breaking or being damaged.
  • Applies jointing load just where it is needed (around the springing level point)

Throughout the industry teams have developed their own particular techniques using an excavator arm to push pipes together.

Some of these techniques can be dangerous. For example when large pieces of wood are man-handling into position and then held in place by hand this gives a high risk of hands and fingers becoming trapped. It has also been known for the wood to break causing injury.

Stanton Bonna’s Quality Control & Site Support Technician, Chris Taylor would often see this practice on site and so felt there must be a safer and better way of doing this.

The Stanton Bonna Pipe Pusher was developed to provide a safer working environment by reducing the need for manual intervention while installing a pipeline.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Casey Ord, Managing Director from Ord Groundworks said recently, been using the pipe pusher (B) for a few weeks now and we found it very safe and very reliable and efficient and it makes the jointing of pipes a lot easier and faster and a lot more manageable for the machine driver when he’s pushing the pipe home and getting it down to level.

Phil Henshaw of MMP says, Great bit of kit, much quicker and safer than using timber.

Watch the Pipe Pusher B Video

Patent applied for.
Application No: 1513067.7

Attaching the Horizontal Pipe Pusher

The device is basically a large steel frame with wooden buffer that is attached to the excavator by an industry standard quick hitch.

The Pipe Pusher is highly versatile with adjustable settings in increments of 50mm, which allows it to be just a few centimetre’s wider than the socket. This ensures a comfortable fit in the trench box area.

Watch the Pipe Pusher Video

The Pipe Pusher offers a safer, more secure, controlled alternative to traditional techniques:

  • no man needs to stand anywhere near the excavator arm or in the exposed area of the trench
  • pipe is pushed home with much more control and accuracy than anything else on the market
  • jointing load is applied just where it is needed (around the springing level)
  • the industry standard quick hitch fitting ensures safe and secure attachment to the excavator
  • jointing load is spread through a wooden buffer over a large area, so the chance of damaging products is eliminated

Jointing with the Horizontal Pipe Pusher

To joint the pipe first align the Pipe Pusher with the springing point or if necessary slightly above, or below.

Corrections can be made to the pipe level with gentle side to side movement or pushing down from above with the Pipe Pusher. This ensures full support from the bedding material.

Corrections for line can also be made quite easily with the Pipe Pusher. Whilst in contact with the pipe just move the Pipe Pusher Left or Right to get the line required.

The task of jointing pipes can therefore be supervised remotely meaning no men in the trench.

The Pipe Pusher can be used with circular, elliptical and square pipe or culverts.

Watch the Pipe Pusher Video

Contractors should also read the CPSA Health & Safety Guide for Offloading.

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