An integrated approach to flood management is often needed where ground conditions are unable to cope with stormwater deluge. For example clay based soil or urbanised areas.

Stanton Bonna’s knowledge and experience in the water industry ensures the company’s SuDS solutions have been tried, tested and trusted by many water authorities, house builders, highways agencies and rail. These innovative products offer a long lasting, low maintenance and durable solution which can be adapted to project specific needs.

Products include:

Elliptical Pipe Attenuation
Stanton Bonna’s range of stormwater attenuation systems are a perfect way to collect and manage larger volumes of water and allow the drainage to be managed in different ways.

There are a variety of sizes and shapes to suit each project eg the Stanton Bonna Elliptical Pipe is specially designed to withstand load-bearing situations so can be installed at shallow depths.

From Box Culverts, Elliptical Culverts, Compact Culverts to the innovative AquaCulvert with integrated dry weather flow channel each profile has its relevant benefit depending on your project needs.

Soakaway Rings
Frequently used on housing projects, this system is a popular sustainable solution with easy access for maintenance.

Soakaways hold large quantities of water which seep out into the surrounding ground.

Perforated Drainage Troughs
These help rapidly drain surface water by holding running water and allowing seepage into the surrounding environment. They can also be used to direct excess water into drains, reservoirs or attenuation.

Precast Concrete Headwalls
Available for pipes up to ID1600. A range of accessories are available including flap valves, penstocks, safety grates (flat, hinged & cranked) and handrails. Ask us about relevant accessories to save time on site. Drawings and an installation guide are available on this website – click here for further details

The products detailed above are the most popular from a large selection available so please talk to us about your specific project.

Elliptical Attenuation
Soakaway Ring
Perforated Drainage Troughs

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