Precast tunnel lining segments have been manufactured by the CONSOLIS Group for more than 35 years.

Over the decades we have produced more than 220,000 metres of tunnel. We have expertise in various sectors, such as transportation (road, train and mass transit), tunnels for fresh water, stormwater, wastewater and sewerage, utility tunnels and more.

We have collaborated on projects throughout Europe and North Africa and constantly refine and improve our products, manufacturing processes and installations through technical advancement and innovation.

In 2014, we invested in a new segments workshop whose standard Bruz Automation ensures quality and productivity. The new plant will manufacture the 8 Km tunnel required for line B of the Rennes subway.


  • Smart concrete technology with embedded microchips.
  • Over 35 years experience.
  • Over 220,000 metres of tunnelling installed.

Bespoke Design
Stanton Bonna Tunnel Segments will be produced to meet specific project requirements. Segments can be equipped with an integrated peripheral gasket for watertightness and options for double gaskets can also be provided.

Precast concrete mix can be adjusted to meet project requirements.

Modern Production
Production will utilise the most suitable facilities available within the Consolis Group. Facilities include carousel plants with curing tunnels, casting noise isolation zones and turning equipment.

Air vacuum lifting devices are used for moving segments.

Most production facilities include significant storage space enabling sufficient stock piles to accrue ahead of project commencement.

Rings will be made by assembling tapered segments. Connections in the ring are made by guiding rods, except where special rings require bolted connections. Rings are connected together by dowels.

Precast Concrete Tunnel Segment
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